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Top 10 Colleges for Students With ADHD

Going off to college is a huge step. It’s the time we leave our support system and everyone we know to go somewhere new. It’s a new stage, and everything about it is exciting. However, it can also be a bit nerve-wracking.

Feeling anxious and apprehensive is very normal, but those feelings go away once you settle in. Plus, that’s not the biggest challenge. The biggest challenge is focusing on the work you have to do.

That is a struggle for everyone, but especially for college students with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. ADHD makes it harder for you to focus and it affects your time management and planning skills. That means you can easily get overwhelmed.

With the right support, you can thrive as much as anyone else. That’s why choosing the right college is key. Fortunately, many colleges offer strong support systems and effective resources for students with ADHD. Today, we bring you 10 of the best options.

Top 10 Colleges for Students with ADHD

1. University of Arizona

The University of Arizona has built a great reputation as one of the best universities for people who have a different way to learn. What makes it suitable for students with ADHD is the Strategic Alternative Learning Techniques Center (SALT Center), which offers many resources.

Including tutoring, psychological services, social and leadership development training, and planning assistance. They also offer workshops to strengthen academic skills and students can choose them depending on their needs. The program is expensive, but scholarships and financial assistance are available for application.

2. Landmark College

Landmark College makes the list because it was designed for students with learning disabilities like ADHD. As such, they offer a lot of services and accommodations, including note-taking assistance, academic coaching, extended time for exams, and assistive technology, among others.

Additional to offering programs exclusively for ADHD students, Landmark College also researches learning disabilities. This college is recognized for the teaching methods they use, and each student’s learning style is considered in the classroom. They also offer many activities outside the classroom.

3. Auburn University

Located in Auburn, Alabama, this university is a great public school option. Their Supporting Knowledge, Independence, and Life-long Learning program (SKILL program) are aimed at ADHD students, and it offers coaching sessions throughout the semester.

The program kicks off with an interview to evaluate the challenges, needs, and goals of the student. By the end, they offer preparation for tests and final exams. The coaching sessions throughout are focused on providing structure and keeping students accountable.

4. West Virginia University

West Virginia University is another great option for students with ADHD, and it has a good reputation. It offers a variety of programs, including the MindFit program, which is specialized for ADHD students.

MidFit was designed to ensure ADHD students are performing their best to keep up. It offers psychoeducational testing to identify strengths and weaknesses, and they pair students with qualified tutors that offer a personalized strategy.

5. Appalachian State University

The Appalachian State University offers the As-U-R program, which is holistic and designed for ADHD students. It provides intensive support, organizational help, and personalized mentorship, among other services.

The main focus of this program is to help ADHD students develop and maintain skills. Such as organization, planning, decision-making, starting and finishing tasks, and more. Perhaps one of the best things about the program is that it’s entirely free.

6. Northeastern University

Northeastern University is also known as one of the top options for ADHD college students. The university offers the Learning Disabilities Program (LDP), which offers meetings with a specialist twice a week. The focus of the meetings will depend on the needs of the student and what they’re studying.

LDP focuses on three main areas; academic mindset, self-motivation, and academic skills. This means that students learn skills such as test-taking strategies and also work on learning to use campus resources, planning, organization, and more. Regular mentoring also enables proactivity and supports the student’s progress.

7. University of Iowa

The University of Iowa is the oldest in the state, and it offers over 5,000 different courses. It’s a great option for ADHD students because of its Realizing Educational and Career Hopes program (REACH program).

The program is aimed at students with learning disabilities and cognitive disabilities. As such, it focuses on career development, academia, and student life. The REACH program supports ADHD students by helping them plan their studies, monitor their progress, and more.

8. Southern Oregon University

Southern Oregon University is a public college for liberal arts, and it’s located in a charming town, with plenty of opportunities for immersing yourself in nature, which can help with symptoms of ADHD. But that’s not the only thing that makes this university a good option for ADHD students.

It also has the University Coaching and Academic Mentoring Program (UCAM program), which provides one-on-one coaching and counseling from specialized coaches. The focus is on developing organization and planning, improving motivation, building self-esteem, and more.

9. Marshall University

Marshall University offers a great undergraduate program, so it’s perfect if that’s what you’re looking for. They have the Higher Education for Learning Problems Center (HELP center), which offers coaching to develop skills like time management, organization, and study skills.

This center is aimed at ADHD students, and it offers a variety of services and resources, including individualized academic tutoring. The program is paid, but there are fee waivers and scholarships students can access.

10. Mitchell College

Last but not least, Mitchell College is another great option. It’s a small college, which is why it can offer a more personalized learning experience. They will pair you with an advisor who strives to understand what you need and how you function to help you thrive.

Mitchell College allows students with ADHD and other learning disabilities to explore what interests them most. The college also has the Thames Academy, which is a pre-college program that prepares students, so their first year of college is a lot smoother.


Each of these colleges offers unique resources, programs, and support systems for ADHD students. You must do your research and get in touch with academic advisors to determine what’s the best fit for you. Your decisions should be based on your unique needs, so take your team and consider each option carefully.