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The Different Types of College Students: Which One Are You?

The college classroom is a rich ecosystem where you can find many different types of students. Everyone has their own approach and that makes things more interesting. To help you understand yourself and your fellow students a lot better, let’s discuss the different types of college students. You’ve likely met most if not all of them!

10 Most Common Types of College Students in Any Classroom

  1. The Go-Getter

While studying and good grades may come easily to some students, others need to make an effort. These are the go-getters and hard workers of the bunch. They put a lot of care into their studies and they always go the extra mile.

They stay after lectures to consult with professors, they never hesitate to look for extra help, and they always do more than they feel they need to. Go-getters give it their all and they get discouraged when they don’t do as well as they thought. So, they need acknowledgment and to be put at ease.

  1. The Overachiever

The main difference between go-getters and overachievers is that the latter is always doing way too much. Overachievers always do more than requested because they need to go above and beyond.

For example, if the assignment is a one-page essay, they would turn in five pages. They’re always looking to get extra credit and anything below an A is unacceptable. They spend a lot of time in the library and their work is always their main priority.

  1. The Procrastinator

Procrastinating is extremely common, not only in college, so we all know a procrastinator. Heck, we can all be procrastinators sometimes. But this type of college student truly lives by it.

The procrastinator knows an assignment is due in 2 weeks and they will still get it done at the last possible minute. These are the folk who are constantly pulling all-nighters and hoping for the best. It’s just how they function and they don’t try to do things differently.

  1. The Teacher’s Pet

Teachers’ pets are very easy to identify because they always sit at the front and they always make themselves known to educators. They ask professors a lot of questions, laugh loudly at their jokes, and always try to engage in discussion with them more than with fellow students.

This type of college student learns better by connecting with educators and they want to fulfill expectations. As such, they tend to be more academically industrious and they keep up really well with the pace of the class as well as the assignments.

  1. The Clueless

Clueless college students are also easy to spot because they are always a bit lost. They don’t keep up very effectively because they struggle to be fully present. Clueless college students rarely know assignment deadlines, ask questions that were already answered, and are always surprised when there’s a test.

Taking a moment to reach out and see how you can be of help is always a good idea when you encounter a clueless student. Providing tips and recommending tools that you think might help can make a difference. Ultimately, it’s their responsibility, but it’s nice to feel seen by a fellow student and be lent a hand.

  1. The Intellectuals

In life, we will encounter people with above-average intelligence, and that’s who the intellectuals are. They don’t fit the mold and they do really well without much effort. These are the types of college students that are not challenged at the same level as their peers.

As a result, they may not seem as interested or present as everyone else. The intellectuals are often isolated and lack motivation, which is why they need to engage in extracurricular activities and connect with people who share similar intellectual interests.

  1. The Class Clown

Class clowns exist to entertain, so they can make a joke out of anything. They’re often a lot smarter than they seem to be. After all, having good comedic timing and being able to make others laugh does require a certain level of intellect.

This type of college student can make jokes effortlessly and often make light of things, especially when they’re facing a challenge. They are also good communicators because they thrive on connection and they like grabbing people’s attention.

  1. The Slacker

Clueless college students sometimes come off as slackers, but it’s not that they don’t want to do things, it’s simply that they have a hard time paying attention and retaining information. With slackers, things are different.

They don’t only lack motivation, but they also never want to put in the effort. You could give them wonderful tips and tools, but they just don’t want to use them. Slackers often drag on the coattails of others and they need some sort of reward to do their part, getting a good grade is not enough to get them to work.

  1. The Natural Leader

Natural leaders are the type of college student that isn’t afraid to command a classroom and put in the work. They know how to rally people together and they pose a good example for everyone else.

They do really well in group projects because they know how to motivate others and leverage each person’s strength to benefit everyone. Natural leaders are also available and people often reach out for advice or a pep talk.

  1. The Ghost

Last but not least, the ghost is the type of college student who never seems to be there but always does well in class. You rarely see them in class except on the first day, midterms, and finals.

While it may seem like they dropped out of the class, they will show up when it matters and hit it out of the park. They’re enigmatic and leave people wondering how they pull things off as they do.


Every student has a different approach and they all contribute to making the classroom such a ripe environment for learning. It’s useful to understand the different types of college students to know where you and your classmates stand. After all, your strengths might be someone else’s weaknesses and vice versa. If you can help each other, the college experience can be more fulfilling!