Essay Writing Services: Good or Evil?

There is a lot of buzz about essay writing services online, and many people, especially students, are left wondering about the pros and cons of essay writing services. Are they good or evil? We’ve gathered everything you need to know to decide for yourself.

Pros of Essay Writing Services

When you use an essay writing service, you will be able to benefit from the following things:

1. Quick Turn Over Rates

In most cases, online essay writing services will be able to return your finished essay till the deadline. The fast response is especially attractive for students who have limited time to contribute to their homework overload.

2. Low Prices

The main target audience of essay writing services are students, and they realize that many students are on a tight budget. To meet their clients budget needs, as well as remain competitive, essay writing services are affordable. The low costs can allow students to decrease their stress and workload without breaking the bank.

3. Any Subject Matter

Essay writing services can provide an essay on any topic and at any academic level. This is great for students who struggle in areas that are required courses. Students can relax realizing that regardless of the subject matter or the topic, essay writing services can complete the project.

4. Great Support

Writing services are available 24/7. They strive to write the perfect essay and if you find you are not happy with the results, they will revise an essay until you are pleased. Moreover, you can contact the customer support at any time, with any questions or concerns you may have.

Cons of Essay Writing Services

1. Who Is Writing the Essay?

One issue many people have with essay writing services is the fact that they do not really know who is writing the paper. Some, not all, essay writing services will hire just anyone to do the job and you might not even have a native English speaker writing your paper. This may be problematic.

In addition, the person who is completing your essay might not have the education requirements or knowledge on the subject or topic of your essay.

2. Hidden Fees

It can be a surprise when using an essay writing service (that claims they are affordable and provide low prices) to find out they charge several hidden fees. If you are a student living on a tight budget, read the terms and conditions carefully before you decide to use an essay writing service.

3. Unable to Meet Deadlines

It is not uncommon for some essay writing services to miss the deadlines. If you have waited until the last minute to write your essay and you decide to use an essay writing service to help you, make sure you can get the finished essay back before the due date.

4. Risk of Discovery

Your teacher or professor could notice the work is not your own and you could be penalized for that. This is a great risk if the essay writing service has plagiarized any works.

To sum up, while there are many pros and cons of using an essay writing service, we hope the information we have gathered will help you make the right decision. Do your research and make sure the company you choose is reputable, and you can reap the benefits of using an essay writing services.